Isla Mujeres is a scenic wonderland that has a variety of attractions for visitors and locals alike. Among the most popular activities around Isla Mujeres is snorkeling and there are many undersea destinations that allow even beginners to enjoy the spectacular marine life that abounds there. One of the most popular snorkeling destinations on Isla Mujeres is Garafon Natural Reef Park, which takes its name from the incredible reef formation.

Whether you want to snorkel or swim, this is the perfect spot. While somewhat lacking in the sandy coastline of most areas, the abundant marine life and crystal clear waters more than compensate. Severe storms and careless visitors caused damage to the reef in the past, but after being revamped several years ago, the coral reef and its inhabitants are thriving and becoming more beautiful each year. Peak hours are often quite crowded due to large numbers of boat tour visitors from Cancun and depending on where you’re staying it may be a bit of a walk so arranging for a golf cart rental may be a good idea.

The clear water makes this among the premier snorkeling sites around Isla mujeres and Garafon Beach is a great place for those who don’t care for snorkeling to relax and enjoy a day of swimming. Even beginners and children can enjoy snorkeling at the park however because not only is the water clear, the currents are very gentle so snorkeling is easy. Children in particular enjoy feeding the colorful fish that dwell in the reef.

If you have members in your group who prefer not to spend the day in the water there are still plenty of activities for them to enjoy.  Located at the southernmost end of the island, this area is very well known for not only its reefs, but for dramatic cliffs, and ancient Mayan Temple, and its spectacular views. While the water lovers spend the day exploring the reef, others can enjoy a hike up the cliffs to get a spectacular view of this beautiful island or even rent a golf cart to take in the shops and other areas.