Planning a side trip to Isla Mujeres? Think it over again! Because Isla Mujeres is a spot that’s more than deserving as your main trip!

Most people include Isla Mujeres only as a side trip from Cancun, but in fact, the rich treasures of this island makes it a trip worth traveling on its own.

Explore the treasures of Isla Mujeres and revel at the beauty of its history and the splendor of its rich, natural aquatic resources. Here’s why:

  • Explore the Best beach in all of Mexico!

Nothing beats the soft powdery white sand of Mexico’s best beach in the Isla’s Playa Norte (North beach)!

Imagine walking on soft, powdery white sand along the calm shores of a sparkling turquoise sea, complete with palm trees in the background and birds in the air. This scene just makes you want to toss everything out and just chill out and relax. With a beach as good as this and beautiful scenery all around you, it’s simply why Isla Mujeres deserves to be your top destination!

  • Offers Best Underwater Experience

Experience the best underwater experience only here at Mexico’s best beach! Enjoy the natural underwater reef systems in the Garrafon Park – Punta Sur and the underwater sculpture Museum from MUSA, which is an innovative project that’s designed to help counteract the climate change effects on our reef systems.