Visiting a little island in the Mexican Caribbean called Isla Mujeres may just make your entire summer. Otherwise known, fondly, as “Isla”, this little picturesque island offers gorgeous sunsets, white sand beaches, warm hospitality, and an underwater world that will leave you stunned and in awe.
Learn to dive or snorkel can happen right here. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a diving expert, you can take on the grand adventure of these tropical waters. If you’ve got a mind to, you can even get PADI certified! If you’re up for an epic adventure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life then you should definitely go swimming with the whale sharks. Of course, if you aren’t in the mood for something so “tame”, then you should sign up for an Adventure Dive Tour to challenge yourself. Either adventure will have you bragging to your friends and family and wowing them with your feats.

The island boasts an amazing environment of aquatic life and beauty. You will have the option to swim in the warm local reefs or go deeper at other diving sites that will challenge advanced divers. Both diving options will give you a look at beautiful blue waters, teeming marine life, and vibrant coral formations.

If you choose to go swimming with the Whale Sharks then you’re in for a treat. The pods of Whale Sharks are located about 15 miles offshore and they glide around the surface to feed. It’s during these times that you will have the opportunity to swim with at least three to four Whale Sharks. Sometimes there will be even more of them gliding along with serene grace.


You won’t be disappointed with a short stay with the Whale Sharks. Tours last upward to 2 to 3 hours among these gentle giants. Many tours have shallow water snorkeling, sandwiches, and something cold to drink during your adventure. You can even make this experience a family one by booking a private boat and tour. Isla Mujeres offers this adventure and more. For an incredible journey and fantastic memories, this little island offers grand times!