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Transform your holiday into a life-changing adventure. Are you afraid of deep water, the sea, or scuba diving? Conquer your fear and return home feeling confident and fully alive! (See Product Description for more details.)

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What if your vacation wasn’t just a vacation.

What if—in addition to lounging around in the sun and the sand (which is great!)—you also conquered your fear and returned home with a new sense of power and freedom?

Whether you’re hangin’ with friends, collaborating with colleagues, or spending time with family, there’s one sure way to inspire them—embark on a mind-blowing, heart-opening, life-transforming adventure in paradise.

You know that gorgeous, turquoise sea that spreads out to yonder horizon? Wouldn’t you love to feel comfortable in its gentle embrace and bathe in the magic and wonder of its warm waters?

Sneak an unexpected adventure into your vacation or business trip with our one day program, or spend one full week (or longer) enjoying a private, tropical training vacation with us.

And if you have mobility, hearing, visual, or other special needs, we can accommodate you. We and our travel partner are passionate about making travel and our programs inclusive, not exclusive.

Head on over to Breakthrough Adventures and when you book using the promo code IMVACATIONS you’ll get $50USD off your program.


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