Wing Diving is a new water activity on Isla Mujeres and it is so much fun! It is not offered in many places in the world, which makes it even more unique. The instructions are English and Spanish speaking. There can be up to 2 trips a day, so if you’re busy in the morning you can go in the afternoon. This activity is perfect for people completely new to wing diving because the board is really easy to manueve, it is made up of two separate wings which are connected by a rotatable swivel. Boat: Rita Time of tour: 10.30am – 2pm Maximum occupancy: 8 people PRICES: $65USD per person (includes water and a beer) $10 per person you have to pay while booking here & pending amount at wing diving office. $25USD per person (if you do want to sit on the boat but do not want to go wing diving. $45USD (if you would like videos and a few photos of your wing diving experience! (Please let us know before the day) A confirmation letter will be sent within 24 hours! If a trip is cancelled due to bad weather, a refund will be issued.