Explore the wonderful island of Isla Mujeres by renting one the golf carts being offered in the area. Golf carts are the most ideal mode of transportation here because they’re simple to drive and shaded to protect the tourists from the scorching heat of the sun as they drive around exploring the beautiful island paradise.

Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Rentals
Although renting a vehicle during your stay in this small beautiful island isn’t really a requirement at all, because you can easily walk around most places, you should still know that golf carts aren’t that expensive either. Likewise, most tourists would rather have a vehicle for their disposal just in case they got tired from walking.

On this island, rental agencies specialize in scooters and golf carts instead of cars. As a matter of fact, there aren’t any car rental agencies in the whole island! Golf carts are the ideal mode of transportation because they’re small, efficient, and perfect for narrow downtown roads while keeping the price of gas low. Likewise, they are easier to manage than scooters, that’s why most people prefer renting golf carts.

Reminder: Before you can rent a golf cart or scooter, you will be asked to leave your driver’s license until you return the rented vehicle.

Reasons Why You Must Rent a Golf Cart
– You Could Explore the City Like a Local
Tourists aren’t the only ones renting golf carts on this island. Soon, you’ll realize that it’s also the preferred method of transportation of locals. That’s why, if you really want to get the feel of being a local, then renting a gold cart is something you shouldn’t miss.

– One of the Least Expensive Way to Get Around
These golf carts come gassed up when you rent them. They’re also easy to park, and definitely a lot of fun! Although renting is a bit costly during peak seasons, you can get better deals during off-season. Also, as compared to hailing a cab, renting a golf cart is definitely cheaper, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore the island yourself, at your own pace.

– The Breeze Is Nice
There are a lot of instances where you could feel the island getting steamier. If you want to explore while feeling the wind-in-your-hair benefit, then renting a golf cart would make that possible.

– Easy to Refuel
Whenever you start to feel the heat of the sun, you can easily part at the Zama Beach club and refuel your golf cart so that you’ll be ready to tour again after a few hours.

Rental Costs
Golf carts can be rented for a whole day for as low as $40. If you would rather keep the golf cart overnight, you’ll be asked to add $10. The good news is that, the longer you rent the vehicle, the cheaper the rate will be, and there are plenty of places that offer great discounts for those who can speak Spanish.

Isla Mujeres doesn’t have the best road conditions one can expect, but they’re maintained well enough that driving isn’t really an issue. Renting a full-sized car isn’t possible either, and you’ll have to rely on golf carts, bicycles, and scooters.