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Welcome to your one stop shop for everything Isla. Feel free to browse our individual products like Golf Carts along with Excursions like Deep Sea Fishing, Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling or click on Let us Plan Your Dream Vacation and let us help you plan your trip. You can even browse Vacation Rental Properties. Whether you’re a first time visitor to the island or returning for another visit, everything you need is here—just a click away!

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Explore Ancient Mysteries

Before Columbus landed in the New World, Isla sacred ground dedicated to the Maya goddess of fertility, childbirth and medicine, Ix Chel. In the 16th century, Spanish explorers landed on the island and saw many images of the Maya goddess so they named the island the “Island of Women” or Isla Mujeres.

Now we offer you access to these mysteries. You can even explore Maya temple ruins located at the southern tip of the island. When booking  House Rentals, you stay in a place full of history, beauty and mystery.

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  • According to legend, pirates like Henry Morgan and Jean Lafitte used the island as a refuge to protect their women. Some even say that valuable pirate treasure has yet to be discovered buried somewhere.
  • Learn your way around the island and discover its secrets. The beauty and history are reasons visitors consider this Caribbean oasis one of the best vacation spots in the world.


  • You might think it looks like a postcard, but it’s real. If you want a peaceful day at the beach with palm trees and a gentle surf, it’s yours. Soak in the sun and get the well needed rest you deserve. This is one of the most breathtaking places you’ll ever see. And getting around is casual and easy.
  • Golf Cart Rentals are available with small and large carts available. There’s nothing like cruising around an exotic Caribbean island in an open air golf cart which lets you see, smell and hear everything around you. Getting around the island couldn’t be more fun.


  • With classic arched doorway Spanish architecture, your options for lodging will perfectly match your expectations. Stay in the beautiful North Beach or the more secluded southern tip of the island. Imagine having dinner on the patio of your beachfront rental home watching the sun set over the Caribbean Sea. This isn’t a dream, but something you can arrange today for yourself, with your partner or for your entire family to enjoy.
  • Rent a spacious house or rest comfortably in a well-equipped condo. There are romantic boutique hotel rooms as well. No matter what your budget, you’re sure to find what you need.
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For The Adventure Minded

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For those that want a bit more excitement, Scuba Diving might just be the ticket. Whether you’re a scuba beginner or expert you can explore the waters around the island including the coral reefs in Garrafon Park. The diversity of the sea life here is extensive, and you might even catch a glimpse of a sea turtle swimming by. Snorkeling gives you a look into the ocean that few ever experience.

If you still want more, you can opt for Sea Life Discovery Plus and get up-close-and-personal with dolphins, manatees and sea lions. With Dolphin Swim Adventure your entire family can enjoy the exhilarating experience of swimming with these friendly sea creatures.

In the summer months, you can witness one of the most populated whaleshark migrations in the world.

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  • Isla Mujeres is an internationally known for its spectacular deep sea fishing. The world famous sailfish season runs during January and February, but you’re sure to find great fishing all year round. Bring your own gear or let us provide it for you.
  • If you don’t want to head out to sea, you can also fish from the beach, in a bay or from a dock or pier. Even beginners are sure to have fun and might even reel in a big fish. The options and excitement never end.
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  • Of course fresh seafood takes center stage at dinner time on the island. But you’ll also find Black Angus steak as well as cuisine from Mexico, Italy, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Cuba, France and Thailand. Cruise Hidalgo Street in search of the perfect night spot or place to eat. Listen to the sultry Latin music floating gently through the air around you transporting you to a different time and place.
  • The charm here is inescapable. You’re sure to fall in love with the natural and cultural beauty of this Caribbean world class destination.


  • Just 15 miles from the island, lies Isla Contoy. This tiny uninhabited island is a protected National Park. From the viewing tower you’ll see spectacular scenery and a wide variety of birds. See large frigate birds, brown pelicans, double crested cormorants and marine swallows and nearly 150 different other bird species.
  • If you decide to duck your head under the turquoise colored water, you’re sure to see an abundance of ocean life. Keep an eye out for the different turtle species, such as green, hawksbills and loggerhead turtles. Be amazed by the beauty of the coral reef surrounding the island. Excellent snorkeling equipment is provided for you.
  • Then take a break for a delicious lunch of fresh chicken, fish, rice and guacamole. The fruit is juicy and delicious too. Wash it down with a cold beer or soft drink. Finally, relax in peace and quiet away from it all in this little patch of Caribbean paradise.
  • Learn more about day trips to Isla Contoy.


  • Our new exclusive VIP location at Garrafon Park gives you special access to beachside cliffs, coral reefs and a wide variety of aquatic activities such as kayaking. The views are stunning, and the service luxurious. You can even set up a swim with dolphins.
  • Take a walk on cliff paths to the southernmost tip of the island. The view will take your breath away as you gaze across the water to neighboring Cancun.


  • It’s a place full of revolutionary and international history. Cuba is the home of Havana and world famous bars, cafes and cigars. With Isla Mujeres Vacations you can arrange for travel to Cuba and get a taste of history that changed, and continues to change, the world.
  • You can stay close to Revolutionary Square where the nightlife is sure to entertain you. For larger groups there are luxury villas near the Capital city for up to 14 guests. Be pampered with beautiful gardens, swimming pools, a personal chef and even a fleet of chauffeur driven classic cars.
  • Some travel restrictions may apply. Ask our sales agents for more information.


Here, we are capable of arranging more than just a wonderful stay for you. We can even help you change your life. Want to overcome your fears of the ocean or diving? Do you have special needs? Then transform your getaway into a Breakthrough Adventure. Learn life skills along the way that will give you more confidence with everyday challenges. Come home from your time away, not just rejuvenated, but with a new outlook.


Isle Mujeras is an exclusive island getaway. The only access is by ferry which leaves from the Ultramar ferry terminal at Puerto Juarez near the Cancun Airport. Make sure you book at least 48 hours in advance to ensure your transfer is arranged on time.

Learn more about airport transfers here.


This is your chance to take the trip of a lifetime. If you just want to rest quietly, or if you want to explore every day, all the options are there. Take a walk on the same beaches as the ancient Maya. Relax where pirates may have kicked off their boots after stashing their gold. Eat, sleep, rest and play as much or as little as you want. The choices are yours here in your Caribbean hideaway.

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