Yes you will need a passport. If you do not already have it, do not wait until the last minute to obtain your passport. It can take up to 6 weeks to complete the process.
You will be asked to fill out some forms on your flight to the island. It is very important to fill them out completely. Be sure to complete the lower portion of the Mexican Immigration form as that will be your temporary visa.
Most people over pack. You need very little on the island. There is no need for formal dress. Shorts, bathing suits, sandals and a light jacket for possible chilly evenings during high season. There are many stores where toiletries can be purchased. Also some rain ponchos can be helpful in case of a rain storm.
It is best to drink bottled water on the island. It is safe to brush your teeth, brew your coffee and take showers. If you are going to cook while on the island you should wash your vegetables with vinegar or Microdyn. Vinegar is readily available in the local markets. For most fruits it is best to peel them but washing will suffice.
Tipping is your choice but it is important to remember that most of the people in the service industry rely on tips as a large part of their income. It is important to tip in pesos as coins from other countries are not useful to the local islanders.
There is a wonderful local doctor as well as a basic local hospital. If you require hospitalization for a serious condition there are excellent hospitals in Cancun and the medical personnel on the island will help you get there if needed.
Fishing options change depending on the time of year you visit. There are all day excursions, ½ day excursions and short trips for the family with children. Please visit our “Things to Do” section to view your many options.
There is wonderful scuba diving and snorkeling on the island. There are options for the seasoned divers or the beginning snorkelers. Learn to scuba lessons are available as well. Check our scuba and snorkeling section under “Things to Do” for all of your options.
There are many taxis on the island. You can hail a taxi anywhere and most of the drivers speak some English. The rates vary depending on where you want to go. Usually from $3 to $8.
Go to our “Getting Around” section and you will be able to reserve and prepay for your golf cart, scooter or bicycle.
There is high speed internet all over the island. Most vacation rental properties have high speed internet and many include a vonage phone that will allow you to make and receive calls from home.
The easiest way to get Pesos is to use the ATM’s at either the HSBC or Banamex locations. You can also exchange your dollars or other currency for Pesos at any of the money exchanges. The exchange rate changes daily.
Isla Mujeres is extremely safe with a Mexican Naval Base in the center of the Island. Like traveling anywhere, even in your country, you should always be aware of your surroundings. You can explore Isla anytime, day or night.
You will either need to arrange transportation with through our airport transfer section or take a taxi to the Puerto Juarez ferry dock.
All of the companies we use for airport transfer section will arrange your transportation both ways.
You can use dollars or pesos. Most of the vendors and restaurants would rather have pesos but will accept both forms of currency. Many places do not take credit cards and Travelers Checks are only accepted at the banks which can have long lines. Most of the tellers do not speak English and it can be difficult if you do not speak Spanish.
The banks on the island will not exchange your money but there are several money exchange locations. Be sure to take your passport as you will be asked for identification.