Located on the southwest coast of Isla Mujeres lies Playa Lancheros; a small beach that is best known for the awesome seafood restaurant that carries the same name as the beach itself. When the crowds come to the island for a day trip, you’ll find that meal times are scheduled around the vacationer’s arrival in the morning and mid-afternoon. While the beach isn’t exactly secluded, it’s not an insanely busy beach either. This makes Playa Lancheros a perfect place for those vacationers that want a place that’s lively, but not packed with a crowd.

You can access the beach of Playa Lancheros just off of Rueda Medina.

The beach area has a number of great attributes to visit and take in while you’re there. The shoreline is fringed by palms, bars, and souvenir stands. As well, right in the thick of the gravely sand are a line of beach chairs just waiting for you to kick back and take in the sun and salty sea breeze. It’s not really a beach made for sand castles and white powder sand, but it’s totally worth the visit for the food and chill atmosphere. Though it’s off the beaten path for a great many tourists, this only makes stopping by even more worth it!


If you’re up for wandering, you can visit the Observation Tower which is about half a mile to the southeast. There’s also a great and highly popular spot that offers a great historical perspective; the Ekab Maya Ruin.

Playa Lancheros is not far from the Punta Sur Lighthouse, Dolphin Discovery, Plaza Isla Mujeres, Isla Mujeres, and more. You can also explore the city before or even after you stop by for breakfast or lunch and if you like take in wildlife such as  isla mujeres whalesharks. There is also no shortage of hotels or resorts to choose from in the area. There is a lot to see and do on the island, so grab a golf cart (rentals are easy to find) and putter around the island or sit on the beach and chill with a tasty drink in your hand while you digest your awesome seafood lunch.