About Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres Vacations Takes the Stress Off Your Shoulders. We Offer The Most Relaxing Ways For You to Enjoy Yourself While On The Island. Whether You Want A Family Vacation, Or Wish To Vacation Solo, Or With Friends. We Have Everything You Need For Days Of Sun Drenched Happiness.

Isla Mujeres Vacations offers you an amazing chance to retreat and get away into the warm Caribbean sun on a beautiful island. Your vacation in Isla Mujeres can be tailored to whatever experience you desire.

If you have never taken a vacation on an island off of Mexico, you have no idea what you have been missing. This is the perfect place to relax and make breathtaking beach front memories. And Isla Mujeres is so easy to get to.

WE have so many amazing things waiting for you on your Isla Mujeres Vacation.

we are totally happy to help make your booking experience an easy and enjoyable one too. Ensuring that everything is just right so that you are counting down the days until you are soaking in the sunshine here with us.

Isla Mujeres Vacation Rentals Has Several Houses, Condos, Hotels, & Even Yachts For Your Dream Vacation

While there are several awesome places to stay on Isla Mujeres, booking a rental Condo, Hotel, or Casa (House) with us gives you one less think to worry about.

Get a beach front rental and you can wake up to breathtaking waterfront views from your balcony too. Where you can sit back and relax with a leisurely breakfast, while the waves splashing in, lull you into a blissful state of vacation relaxation.

Isla Mujeres Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals On Isla Mujeres – How Many Bedrooms Would You Like?

Vacation rentals come in various sizes naturally. So getting the right rental with the number of bedrooms you need is what Isla Mujeres Vacations Rentals is all about. Here at IslaMujeresVacations we have a wide selection of vacation rental houses, hotels, condos, and even yachts.

One of the major keys to securing a great place for you trip, with the right number of bedrooms is advanced booking!

If a luxury vacation rental is what your after then check out our Yachts.

The more advanced your booking, the easier getting the perfect vacation rental will be.

The majority of our vacation rentals are houses or casa, with some condo style apartments and several hotels available as well. Some of which even come with a private pool. And all of them have amazing access to the best parts of the isla that you will want to get to while on your trip.

Condo Vacation Rentals – Get One In The Perfect location

How does a condo with 2 bedrooms that is 3 blocks from Playa Norte sound?

In addition to being 3 blocks from one of the worlds best beaches, according to TripAdvisor. You can be just a few steps from the best bars and restaurants on Isla Mujeres. Placed so that you can enjoy the best of the beach life on the island, plus the crème of the islands non-beach entertainment too.

Then when you decide it is time to rest, you can retreat home to the wonderful king size bed . How great is that.

Booking A Vacation For Romance In The 1 Bedroom Love Shack

Want something a little different from an apartment, condo, or hotel for your vacation? Something more romantic?

The Love Shack is a beautiful little casa. Away from the hustle and bustle, yet close enough to everything you wish to get to. All well equipped inside to ensure that your romantic getaway builds a wonderful set of memories for you to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Spacious Island Vacation Rental House With 2, 3, 4 or 5 Bedrooms To Enjoy

We have some of the best hotels on the isla for you.

Each house, condo, or hotel is well equipped with all your needed features. Some of these vacation rentals are seriously luxurious.

We have a wonderful variety of vacation rentals for you to choose from. Each one is unique in its own way. Each one has a slightly different flavor. As such the Isla Mujeres vacation experiences are unique to each one. So the following points of choice are open for you to enjoy.

Houses With Infinity Pools, Set To Ocean Views. What A Way To Chill In The Evening.

Many of the Houses come with pools.

Including some with ocean front infinity pools. Overlooking breathtaking vistas of the Caribbean sea.

Relaxing in Salt water pools.  You can feel the stress leaving your body and returning you to the state of relaxation that nature intended.

Others have dipping pools, over looking the ocean on the main level, or on the roof with a peaceful sun deck.

How about having a hot tub as well as a pool? Or a waterfall pool?

You can.

If you wish for something a little more fitness oriented, so you can stay in shape during your vacation. How about a lap pool facing the ocean? So you can enjoy inspiring ocean views as you power away through lap after lap in the pool.

These are just some of the reasons that most people choose to book their Isla Mujeres vacations through us. We have the most amazing vacation rentals on the island.

How Many Bedrooms And Beds?   Which Is Your Preferred Size A Queen Or King Bed?

The majority of our vacation rentals come with queen sized beds.

We do have many that have a larger king bed, for those desiring more spacious sleeping.

Whether you need a simple casa that sleeps 2. A family home that sleeps 4 or more . Or one of the luxury houses that sleeps 8 or more. We have a beautiful vacation rental to fulfill your needs, and likely go that bit beyond too.

Sleep is a really important part of your vacation. Especially on Isla Mujeres.

You are coming to the isla to rest and enjoy yourself.

So getting good sleep is an important part of that recipe. Which is why we have really well furnished houses, condos and hotels with great beds. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or by the pool during the day.

Or getting out seeing the sights, taking in the Mayan ruins or the unique beauty of vacation attractions like Garrafon during the day.

The tropical climate on Isla Mujeres will have you slipping into some great sleep at night.

So having a good bed is something we know is going to be important to you.

Vacation Rentals And Your Proximity To The Island Attractions Of Isla Mujeres

Whether you wish to be 5 minutes walk from the Mayan ruins.

Or close walking distance to Garrafon and its amazing reef. So that you can slip down easily and enjoy long days snorkeling in the reef park, and taking in the beauty of the water there.

Perhaps being beach front is what you would like for your dream vacation.

Close to Playa Norte, a truly stunning beach and one that beach lovers worldwide come to enjoy.

Or being in a more secluded location. With just the sounds of the waves coming in, and lulling you into deeper relaxation as the days slip by calmly with friends or family.

Whatever you want, whether you wish to be close to the downtown area, or a short golf cart or taxi ride away to a quiet place. We can help you find the right place for your vacation on Isla Mujeres.

Air Conditioning, Most Likely A Plus From the Heat During The Day

Isla Mujeres averages 87 Fahrenheit (30 celcius) during the day.

That is life in the tropics. It is also the reason why air conditioning is present throughout almost all the vacation rentals. There are times when you may want to seriously cool off, depending on where you come from, and your preferred climate. When you want something more cooling than a dip in the pool, being able to click on the air conditioning is a must.

For many sleeping with the air conditioning on, as a siesta during the midday heat. Or even overnight for deeper sleep.

So many of our houses and other vacation rentals, including condo and hotel style properties, have air conditioning. In the bedrooms, or even throughout, depending on the location.

Cable, WiFi, Large T.V.s and The Various Comforts You Perhaps Desire

If you really wish to keep up with various shows or sports events, we have places with North American cable and large TVs.

Or, perhaps you wish to relax with a good movie at night while on your vacation.

here are options with our vacation rentals with DVD players or Apple T.V. for those entertainment lovers coming to the isla.

You will also find that all important WiFi throughout many of the vacation rentals. So whether you are wanting to post updates to Instagram or Facebook about your Isla Mujeres vacation. Or keep connected with work during your island vacation. You can.

Being able to retreat from daily life is why most people want to go on vacation.

Even with that in mind, certain comforts and modern amenities can make Isla Mujeres vacations the enjoyable experience you wish for.

Plus of course each of the vacation rentals come with many of the utilities you would expect, washers, dryers and assorted other appliances to make vacation living a breeze.

Luxurious Vacation Rental Houses With Breathtaking Ocean Views

If you wish to enjoy a truly luxurious Isla Mujeres vacation we have an amazing vacation rental casa for you.

Luxurious Vacation Living With Amazing Bedrooms, Pools And Much More.

One of our vacation rental is made up of two luxury houses.

Each luxury home has 3 bedrooms. And each of the bedrooms has a plush king bed. With high thread count cotton sheets. For seriously spacious sleeps in luxurious comfort.

With the stone floor under foot being made of conch shells. A unique material which feels cool under foot, in a wonderfully comfortable way. This flooring flows throughout both villas that make up this vacation rental, the bedrooms, kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms, everywhere.

These luxury rentals have been created to make your Isla Mujeres vacation seriously memorable.

There is even a fantastic BBQ pit to cook some wonderful grouper or snapper you just caught that morning.

One Vacation Rental With The Largest Private Pool On Isla Mujeres

This amazing luxurious house comes with what is the largest private pool on Isla Mujeres.

For those who wish to really get away from things. And enjoy the magic of the isla with a high degree of privacy. Having a pool like this helps to make a dreamy vacation experience.

Set overlooking the Caribbean sea, with a 46 foot long infinity edge to it, this pool is an amazing place to relax.

Just imagine yourself sun bathing in the blissful tropical sunshine. The Mexican heat warming you through and the ocean views in front of you as you relax in this amazing pool.

Experiences like this make Isla Mujeres vacations really wonderful.

Vacation Service To Really Bring The Joy And Relaxation You Desire.

As if all of that vacation luxury within this amazing house was enough.

There is also a daily maid and pool service.

So much of the daily upkeep and the chores are done for you. Very relaxing.

Beds made. Tidying done. Pool kept just right. All to ensure that your Isla Mujeres vacation is taken to the best level possible. We truly wish it to be an amazing experience for you. And we work to make that happen every day.

Beach Front Vacation Rentals For Serious Beach Lovers

We have some amazing, seriously check for yourself, vacation rentals which are beach front.

So if your ideal trip involves you being able to pretty much step right on to the beach from your accommodation. We have some of the best places on the isla for you to choose from.

With Isla Mujeres blessed with some of the best beaches Mexico has in the Caribbean sea, this is going to be one beach holiday that you will want that close proximity to the water. Plus if you get to the point where you wish to retire to the shade midday. You can just step back home and enjoy a sweet siesta in your queen or king size bed.

Beach front vacations do go to a whole new level with us on Isla Mujeres.

And you will love the memories you make during your trip here.

Pamper Yourself With A Wonderful Vacation With A Breathtaking View

Isla Mujeres is one of the choice destinations within Mexico and the Caribbean sea.

It is also becoming one of the most sought after destinations for travel, worldwide.

We have some amazing vacation rental properties for you to choose from. Whether you are seeking a large house for a quality family vacation, or a nice hotel or condo to enjoy on a trip away with friends. Or a more intimate location to share with someone special.

We have the places that you really will love.

Some breathtaking vacation rentals.

These are some of our most in demand properties. So advanced booking is naturally highly recommended. After all, if you are wishing to have a luxury vacation, you want everything to be just right. So you can easily make it a dream vacation.

And with minimal fuss or effort.

Alongside being luxurious, many of our high end vacation rentals come with a wonderful level of privacy.

Places where you can easily just close off from the outside world. Relax then Pamper yourself with all the things you desire for an awesome vacation. All with some of the most stunning oceans views on the island.

So browse through, and get in contact to talk to us about making your dream vacation a reality.

Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Rentals

Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Rentals And Getting Around The Breathtaking Island

Isla Mujeres golf cart rentals are an essential for anyone wishing to really travel around the island.

It is a relatively small place, about 5 miles (7km) long.

So if you wish to move around the entire island during your stay, golf cart rentals are the thing to do.

Because this beautiful Mexican island is becoming more and more popular, it is highly recommended that you book your golf cart rental in advance. That way you can be assured of having transportation when you arrive. And as such can just relax and enjoy your time here with ease.

One thing you will note, while you are checking through this site, is how many of our vacation rentals have golf cart rentals parked out front.

Golf Cart Rentals Are The Prime Choice Of Transport To Travel Around The Island

Traveling by golf cart is super easy.

It’s also super comfortable.

For one you get to enjoy the fresh air, while still being partially shaded from the tropical sun around midday. Plus you can park them with great ease in a huge number of places. The island is really well set up for them, and they have become the transport of choice for a huge number of people vacationing here.

Locals have golf carts as well but most use mopeds to get around.  Pretty cool seeing a family of 4 driving a moped around.

Safer bet is the golf cart though.

So travel by golf cart really is an amazing choice.

Plus when you are booking your vacation rental with us, we can arrange golf cart rentals for you at the same time.

Then you can be assured of easy travel around the isla when you arrive.

So if you are wondering whether you need to get a taxi. Relax. A golf cart is far easier!

Check Out All The Great Places On The Island With Ease Thanks To Golf Cart Rentals

While Isla Mujeres is a relatively small place, at 5 miles long and with the tropical climate, golf carts are far more comfortable than walking long distances. Especially midday, when you may well wish to retreat into the shade or the cool to rest. After all, much of Mexico and the Spanish speaking world does take a siesta in the afternoon.

So travel by golf cart to reach the slightly more out of the way places, is worthwhile. Here are four great suggestions for places to visit with ease using your rental golf cart.

Punta Sur is at the southern most tip of Isla Mujeres and features what is known as Cliff of the Dawn.

The striking cliffs offer breathtaking panoramas and ocean views.

As the name Cliff of the Dawn suggests this is an amazing place to catch the beauty of the tropical sunrise, coming up through the Caribbean. Especially when enjoyed with someone special.

The cliff area has a large number of resident Iguanas. They are relatively safe to be around, the only caution being to treat them with respect as you would with other wild animals.

As a note Punta Sur is also the eastern most point of Mexico. So a great place for a photo opportunity.

Breathtaking Beaches Hidden Among The Punta Sur Cliffs

Another good reason to come down to Punta Sur using your rental golf cart, are the amazing hidden beaches here.

If you are in the mood to find some real desert island style beaches, then you will likely be delighted by the ones you can find here.

They are very secluded bordering on practically inaccessible.

However, if you look hard enough, there are some real treats for beach lovers here. Pristine sand and water that is oh so inviting.

And then, when you are heading home, you will be grateful for the relaxed journey your rental golf cart allows.

Check Out The Mayan Ruins Of Templo Ixchel From Which The Island Received Its Name

Isla Mujeres was a home to the Mayans. Templo Ixchel was built by the Mayans in honor of the goddess Ixchel, to whom the island was revered to be a sanctuary.

To the Mayan, Ixchel was worshipped as the goddess of the moon, fertility, and happiness. When the Spanish landed on the island they found a large number of carved statues of Ixchel.

It was from those that the island was named Isla Mujeres, or Island of Women.

Being on the island gives a very unique and easy opportunity to visit Mayan ruins. They are usually far less accessible. And with golf cart rentals being so easy to arrange, visiting them becomes even easier here.

So easy that regardless of where your vacation rental is on the island, you can get to Templo Ixchel within about 20 minutes by golf cart. Far easier than walking, which will allow you more energy to enjoy exploring with.

We highly recommend getting out to the Mayan Ruins during your vacation here.

The Well of Hacienda Mundaca

Around two and a half miles (4 Km) south of the main town on Isla Mujeres, lies the Well of Hacienda Mundaca. Very easy to get to when using golf cart rentals.

While a well may sound not so interesting, once you know the story behind it you may find it a compelling place to visit during your vacation.

The tale is one of romance. As with many tales indeed.

Fermín Antonio Mundaca de Marechaja was a reputed pirate and slave trader in the 19th century. And while on the isla he fell for a beautiful local lady who was known as La Trigueña, which translates as The Brunette.

As with many men who lose their minds to love, he set to win her heart and prove he was worthy of her.

With this in mind he built a lavish and luxurious villa (or mansion). It was to be resplendent with breathtaking gardens, beautiful archways and of course, the well that remains to this day.

But as with many tales of men who lose their minds to love on far flung islands. The tale ended not in the favor of poor Fermin. While he was still building the villa, the lady to whom it was in honor La Trigueña fell for another islander.  And married him instead of Fermin.

Fermin was broken hearted. The loss of his love was too much for Señor Mundaca to bear. And his broken heart was the death of him.

Within what is left of the grounds, are some walls, along with the foundations and a partially rebuilt house where the villa was to be. The large central pond, shady grounds with occasional rusting cannon and beautiful stone arch at the southern end, plus naturally the well, are what remain to be enjoyed today.

The ruins serve as a very pleasant place to stroll during your vacation.

Dolphin Discovery on Isla Mujeres Is A Wonderful Sea Life Experience To Check Out

Dolphin Discovery on Isla Mujeres is located on the Joyxee Island part of the isla.

So from almost wherever your vacation rental is on Isla Mujeres, you will be thankful for your golf cart rental to get you there. And it is worth going.

Dolphin Discovery offers an opportunity for you to get up very close with dolphins.

While dolphin tours heading out to sea are incredibly good. And offer a breathtaking chance to see dolphins in the wild. Watching them swim and jump as a pod. And have fun in their natural environment.

You get a much different experience, and real proximity to them when you visit Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres.

There is always an introductory briefing when you arrive. After all, most people have never met a dolphin before and there are certain things which are important to be aware of. You are going to be spending time with them so you and the dolphins can get use to each other.

Then the fun starts. The dolphins here are incredibly friendly.

They will greet you warmly. And may even give you a handshake, a hug or perhaps if you are lucky, a kiss.

This wonderful attraction, and it is within a part of the sea which is closed off and protected. This will give you the chance to see the acrobatics and intelligence of these amazing marine mammals, very close up.

You will also have the option to snorkel in a special area with a special acrylic wall that enables you to get close to manta rays and sharks. A very rare experience indeed. Yet all part of the fun of this special Mexican isla attraction.

This forms a wonderful activity to check out with family and/or friends.

Golf Cart Reliability And Service Is The Key To Ensuring Hassle Free Island Travel

When you are arranging your golf cart rental the key point is reliability.

Around the island prices are very similar between all the different rental places. What is different is the state of the golf carts themselves, and the service of the company you are renting from.

So while shopping around for price is likely going to be a waste of your time. Making sure you are going to get a reliable golf cart rental which is backed by quality service. Well that is going to be worth your time.

It is also the reason that we work hard to ensure our rental service is the best.

And that our golf carts are both well presented, and of course reliable.

We have a vested interest in ensuring your vacation here on Isla Mujeres is amazing.

We want you to come back. And we absolutely want you to use our services and become a customer for life. So every time you come back to the island, to make yet more wonderful memories among the breathtaking sights, you are booking everything with us.

Because you know that you will be amazingly well taken care of.

You will know that your vacation rental home, and rental golf cart will be exactly what you want. And will lead to you having the most wonderful time on your Isla Mujeres vacation!

Isla Mujeres Snorkeling, Kayaks And Water Sports

Isla Mujeres Snorkeling, Kayaks, And Water Sports Equal Vacation Fun On The Water

Isla Mujeres snorkeling is some of the best snorkeling you will find.

The water around Isla Mujeres is breathtaking. Beautifully clear, and varying between turquoise and a deep azure blue, depending on where you are. The marine life of the island is also abundantly rich.

Below you will find a good selection of vacation activities to enjoy. To get the full wider selection of what we do, please do chat to our staff about day trips, and also boat trips. We have a very comprehensive selection of activities and trips to help you have a really memorable vacation here.

The Water, Swimming And Snorkeling During Your Isla Mujeres Vacation

On Isla Mujeres snorkeling is one of the best ways to enjoy the coral reefs. While diving can take you deeper. Snorkeling is a wonderful way to enjoy wider freedom. You can just get your fins, mask and all important snorkel. Then head out to explore.

Apply plenty of water-proof sunscreen before you start snorkeling, and possibly wear long sleeve water sports top that is UV protective too. Then while you are snorkeling you can focus on the fish and the reef, safe with the knowledge that you won’t get sun burn.

The same can be said for swimming here.

While both swimming and snorkeling please do take care in the sun. That way you will enjoy the sun and your time in the water more.

Check Out Garrafon Natural Reef Park An Amazing Place For Snorkeling

If you want to really indulge in a great snorkeling experience, then check out Garrafon Natural Reef Park. It is one of the best places for swimming and snorkeling on the isla.

Garrafon Natural Reef Park is famous worldwide for its breathtaking reefs, turquoise waters and amazing cliffs. The marine life here is well protected, due to being a park, so if you really wish to get among the fish and see some amazing coral and reef features during your Isla Mujeres vacation, then this is a great place to snorkel.

You will need to purchase tickets for entry to Garrafon of course. Naturally we can help you with that too. Just contact us and then while you are making your booking we can help you with the arrangements.

Reef Snorkeling Outside Of Garrafon And Along Isla Mujeres Shoreline

Garrafon may indeed be what many regard as the snorkeling center on Isla Mujeres. There are plenty of other beautiful sections of reef. And all the breathtaking fish, coral formations and other marine life that you would wish to enjoy while snorkeling on your vacation here.

Some of these snorkeling spots may take a little exploration to find.

Some of them are much the same as the reef you will see in Garrafon. Other places are totally different to Garrafon. The exploration is worth it to see some of these amazing places.

Talk to our staff when booking your Isla Mujeres vacation with us and we will be able to point you in the right direction. And help you find some amazing reef spots and locations to check out in the water.

Snorkeling For Beginners Tip – Check Out El Farito Which Is Very Easy Going

El Farito is a small and rather enchanting place. It is also a good place for beginners, especially those who are going to snorkel for the first time. The sea conditions here are quite friendly, and it is relatively shallow.

Check Out Los Manchones During Your Vacation If You Have Plenty Of Snorkeling Experience

Los Manchones is at a depth of around 35-40 feet (10-12 meters). So if going there to snorkel you need to be able to hold your breath, and adjust to the pressure change that you will experience. Provided you can do that, then you can get in among some of the more breathtaking coral reef formations to be found near Isla Mujeres.

There are far more places to snorkel around the island. And as mentioned before, our staff can give you more ideas when you are booking your vacation through us.

Also Enjoy Snorkeling Around Isla Mujeres Musa Unique Underwater Museum

Musa is an experience unique to Isla Mujeres.

If you enjoy snorkeling it is an absolute must do for your vacation here.

Musa is made up of a variety of sculptures and statues. All sunken to the sea bed, and beginning to form a reef. What was once just the sandy bottom, has been brought alive through the addition of these intriguing statues.

And the marine life absolutely loves them.

Musa is now teaming with fish. And coral is already growing on various sculptures. The reef that Musa forms is really bringing a fresh abundance of sea life to the isla.

While many of the statues of Musa are of people, in different poses. There are also others including goddess statues, very befitting for the isla. Even a sculpture of a VW Beetle is there parked on the sandy sea floor.

Musa is a very unique underwater attraction. It is great for snorkeling around, and also great for diving if you wish. A great attraction to check out during your vacation.

Isla Mujeres Vacation Safety Note For Swimming And Snorkeling

The sea conditions vary greatly from one side of Isla Mujeres to the other.

So do be aware of this before you start swimming off, or snorkeling away, too far.

While the conditions on the western side, the side facing the mainland of Mexico, are relatively light. With gentle currents that are safe for most swimmers and snorkelers.

The Caribbean side, which faces east, has much stronger tides.

If you are going snorkeling or swimming on the eastern side of the island, in the Caribbean sea. It is wise to keep an eye on where you are and how quickly you are moving. It is all to easy, especially if you are snorkeling to get lost in the world below you, then realize too late how far you have gone.

So please, when swimming, snorkeling or enjoying time in or on the water in general. Be mindful of where you are and what is going on.

In doing so you will likely enjoy your Isla Mujeres vacation far more!

Kayaks Exploring Isla Mujeres And Drifting Along On The Sea

Kayaks offer a great way to get around and see sights along the waterfront of Isla Mujeres.

The sea in the Caribbean here is relatively calm. Much like the pace of the island itself. So even for those who have never been kayaking it is a relatively easy way to get about. Just remember that the currents on the eastern, Caribbean, side of Isla Mujeres are stronger than those of the western, Mexico, side of the island.

For those who have got experience in a kayak, and have been kayaking in numerous places. A really rich opportunity awaits you here. With the greater degree of confidence and ability, you will love the different places you can find and explore. Plus the breathtaking ocean views which you become a part of, as you kayak around.

Kayaks are a really relaxing way to enjoy Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres And Motorized Water Sports – Yes You Can Enjoy Them Here

For those who wish to enjoy motorized water sports during their vacation on Isla Mujeres there are plenty of options.

The island is truly well set for water sports.

So when snorkeling, swimming and kayaking are just a little too laid back for you. There are options for motorized water sports that can bring you that little bit more excitement if you wish it to enjoy your island vacation here.

Isla Mujeres And Deep Sea Sport Fishing In The Caribbean Sea

If you are into sport fishing then you will love Isla Mujeres.

The sport fishing in the Caribbean sea off Mexico is fantastic. And when you have reeled in that beautiful fresh black fin Tuna or a wonderful Wahoo.

Or potentially, an amazing Marlin or Sailfish. If you are here in the warmer months. What could be better?

Dreaming Of Reeling In A Marlin Or Hauling Up A Tuna while Deep Sea Fishing?

IslaMujeresVacations has access to some of the best deep sea fishing charters in the Mexican part of the Caribbean sea.

With that comes some of the best fish that you can fish for. Because of their amazing flavor, or for the shear sport value of reeling in one of the real fighters. Whether you are coming here for the challenge of deep sea fishing in the Caribbean, and the fish unique to these waters. Or for the ultimate flavors and freshest fish out there.

There are some amazing catches waiting for you.

Wahoo – A Real Deep Sea Fishing Fighter For Those Who Love The Challenge

One of the real challenges that sport fishermen, and fisherwomen, come to the Caribbean and Mexico for is the Wahoo.

They are fast fish, able to get up to around 60 mph (96.5 km/h). They can also be very large, with some Wahoo being recorded at 8 ft 2 in (2.5 m) in length. Plus a whole load of solid fish muscle which can weigh in at 183 lbs (83 kg).

Granted those bigger sizes are rarer. But even an averaged size Wahoo can put up a challenging struggle for those seeking it.

Sailfish – A Stunning Fish To Reel In Though Always Catch And Release

Sailfish are one of the crown jewels when it comes to deep sea fishing in the Caribbean.

They are beautiful fish, and they come with a serious helping of challenge for those lucky enough to catch one. They are also protected. So when you do reel a Sailfish in, it is catch and release. Do be assured though, you will have a proper memento for your sport fishing activities to remember and mark what you did.

Kingfish – Or King Mackerel A Heavy Weight Deep Sea Fishing Prize

Most Kingfish are usually around the 30 lb (14 kg) mark. But they have been known to get up to 90 lb (40 kg) for really mature ones. They are also fast, similar in speed to the Wahoo, to which they are a distant relative.

The Kingfish provide some great sport for a deep sea fishing trip.

And when you do land one, then grilling the steaks you can get from it can provide some real evening pleasure. Especially as you relax by the barbecue in your rental home, that night.

Scuba Diving In The Caribbean Sea

Isla Mujeres has some exquisite places for scuba diving.

And as if the breathtaking marine life was not enough.

The warm waters of the Mexican area of the Caribbean sea, make diving just that bit more enjoyable.

Then, as you come into view of the amazing natural reefs which make up the marine landscape.

Well, let’s just say this is going to be a set of vacation memories that you will happily carry with you.

Scuba Diving – Check Out The Underwater Life Isla Mujeres Provides On Your Vacation

The pleasure of diving off the coast of Isla Mujeres is incredible.

And IslaMujeresVacations.com has some of the best scuba diving tours available to those enjoying a vacation on the island.

Even if you have never been scuba diving before, we can get you immersed in the undersea world around Isla Mujeres with ease.  We can arrange for you during your vacation here.  In 3 days we can help you to gain your PADI Open Water Diver certification

Those who have never been diving before are rarely aware of how amazing it is.

And along with the various locations detailed for snorkeling, there are many many more, deeper down.

While snorkeling is fun. Being able to get down in around the deeper reef formations. And drift along with the beautiful fish. Is something completely different.

Scuba diving gives you an amazing amount of freedom.

Isla Mujeres Restaurants

Isla Mujeres has some of the most amazing food and restaurants to enjoy during your vacation.

What Kind Of Food Can I Enjoy At Restaurants On Isla Mujeres?

The range of food here on the isla is outstanding. You will find restaurants serving various styles to suit your budget including:

  • Mexican
  • Mediterranean
  • Italian
  • French
  • Asian
  • American

Plus in addition to all those, you will get some of the freshest seafood possible.

So just imagine sitting back and relaxing in a gorgeous waterfront restaurant for lunch or dinner.  Relaxing with amazing food and taking in the breathtaking ocean views.

Sound amazing?

Downtown fills up in the evening at all the great restaurants, so pick out where you want to go and plan accordingly.

Isla Mujeres Bars And Nightlife

Isla Mujeres Bars And Nightlife To Enjoy On Your Vacation

Whether you want sand beneath your feet. Or something with a greater degree of refinement. Isla Mujeres has some wonderful bars and nightlife to enjoy.

Live music is popular in many bars and night spots across the isla. With much of the musical flavor naturally being Mexican. Though you can also find bars and clubs with a more modern musical flare to carry you through the night if you wish.

While the island is relatively chill, and the nightlife fairly laid back. There are definitely options for those who wish to keep on going after the sun has set.

Isla Mujeres Vacations Notes On Travel And Getting Here

Getting to Isla Mujeres is relatively simple. As a U.S. citizen, and for citizens of many other countries, you only need your passport to vacation on Isla Mujeres. Unless your period of travel within Mexico is going to be longer than 180 days that is, in which case you will need a tourist visa. So getting on a plane and jetting down to Cancun International, and then getting across to Isla Mujeres is very easy. And can be done last minute if you really wish to.

Just remember, if you are leaving it to the last minute, vacation rentals be it a house, hotel or a condo, could be a challenge. As could golf cart rentals for getting around the island.

Cancun International Airport Is Very Close To Isla Mujeres

You will most likely be coming by plane to Mexico’s Cancun International Airport which is Mexico’s second largest airport and handles around 16 million international passengers each year. This is a relatively modern airport, with a good selection of restaurants, cafes and other venues for those that need them. It is well catered to handling the large volume of passengers that travel through it each year.

Once at Cancun International, you have a 30 min ride to the ferry terminal which you can book your airport transportation here on our site as well. This makes it nice, to having the driver waiting at the airport terminal holding a sign with your name on it ready to pickup your bags and get you on your way.

If you book the round trip transfer then it makes it that much easier to not have to worry about getting a taxi and not getting ripped off.

Then there will be a short over water transfer to actually get to Isla Mujeres. A very nice large boat from Gran Puerto ferry terminal will take you over to the Island.  The main deck is air conditioned and the top deck is open air so you can see the water and the surroundings.  There is normally and musical band playing on the top deck as well.  Helps set the mood for a wonderful vacation.

Travel From Cancun To Isla Mujeres By Ferry

From Cancun International airport the journey by car to Gran Puerto ferry terminal takes around 30 minutes. Getting to the Island is then about a 15-minute ferry crossing, with scheduled crossings every half hour between 5:00 am and 9:00 pm. Between 9:00 pm and 5:00 am the ferry crosses once every hour.The journey from Cancun International airport to the Punta Sam ferry terminal takes about 32 minutes, depending of course on traffic. With the transfer to Isla Mujeres being an approximately 45 minute ferry ride depending on conditions. The Punta Sam ferry is the only option if you wish to take a car or other vehicle across to Isla Mujeres.

Travel Restrictions And Points To Be Aware Of Before You Travel

You will need a valid passport with at least one blank page in at the time of your trip.

Additional points to note are that there are currency restrictions for travel into and out of Mexico. You can carry a maximum of $10,000 into Mexico at your time of entry, and a maximum of $10,000 at your time of exit when completing your trip.

Please note that the entry and exit rules and restrictions, including information on visas, can change at any time. As such you should check for relevant information with the state department or your local embassy at an advanced time, well before your preferred time of travel.

About Isla Mujeres Aspects

About Isla Mujeres Aspects For Helping You Plan Vacations To The Island

Isla Mujeres translates to island of women.

It is a peaceful and relaxing place, and has a beautiful ocean around Isla Mujeres.

All of which has led to this Mexican island becoming a place that many ladies come to get away from everything and enjoy some calm.

Sunscreen A Very Important Point For Your Vacation

Naturally being in the tropics, the sun here means taking good care of your skin is more important than usual. Even on cloudy days.

So ensure you use plenty of sunscreen every day. And make sure your skin stays island healthy.

Ensure Your Sunscreen Is Biodegradable!

The marine life and natural beauty of the water here is a major part of island life. It is what draws many of the people who come to the island. So keeping the sea clean and the marine life healthy is the right thing to do.

Let’s face it if you are going to be enjoying snorkeling you want the crystal clear waters of the Mexican area of the Caribbean sea kept crystal clear. And if you are planning on enjoying the delicious and super fresh seafood, you want it to be as healthy as possible when it is caught and brought to you.

So bring and ensure you use biodegradable sunscreen during your vacation.

Facts And Figures

Facts And Figures To Check Out About Isla Mujeres

The isla is of course part of Mexico. With the nearest major city being Cancun, a major resort destination in itself.

Currency And Paying For Things On Isla Mujeres During Your Vacation Here

As the isla is a part of Mexico the currency you will be using during your stay here is the Peso.

It is worth bringing a good amount of cash with you when you come. Only you know what a good amount is, it depends on your vacation budget. However, do remember that you need to stay within the $10,000 limit for bringing cash into Mexico.

While many of the larger venues and top restaurants do take cards, the various street traders from whom you may wish to buy fresh fruit and vegetables from, for use in your vacation rental when cooking. Will need to be paid in cash for any purchases you wish to make.

So while cards can be used in some places, ensuring you have enough Pesos that you can carry around safely will make your stay here smoother.

Size Of The Isla

Size Of The Isla And The Terrain Around The Island

Isla Mujeres is a small island located off the coast of Cancun in Mexico and sits in the Caribbean sea.

  • Length: 7 km (4.3 mi)
  • Width: 650 m (0.404 mi)
  • Area: 4.55 km²
  • Population: 14,012 (2011)

The isla is relatively flat and rocky yet still very lush and green. Though even while being rocky it is still relatively easy to walk around. Though for ease of travel around the island most people on vacation use a golf cart rental for reasons of speed and comfort.

The Water And Staying Hydrated On Isla Mujeres

While using tap water to brush your teeth is OK, you should only be drinking bottled water.

If you are going to be cooking in your vacation rental property, then either get enough bottled water to wash the fruit, vegetables and other produce you will be cooking or preparing for meals and snacks.

Alternatively, you can use Microdyn. Many of the restaurants and eateries around the isla use Microdyn when they are preparing food. And you can purchase it in various places around the island.

Because Isla Mujeres is in the tropics you need to ensure you drink plenty of water every day.

While outside of the tropics many people are safe to consume 2 liters of water a day. In the tropics you should be aiming for around 4 liters a day or more, depending on your level of activity. Plus your consumption of alcohol which will dehydrate the body.

Dehydration can bring conditions such as heat stroke on faster, so drinking plenty of clean fresh water is essential to enjoying your vacation here.

As a further note, because you need to buy and carry bottled water in reasonable amounts back to your vacation rental, you will find using one of the available golf cart rentals we can arrange for you, very beneficial!

Isla Mujeres Electricity Supply And Planning For Your Electrical Devices Here

The electricity system in use on Isla Mujeres runs at 120 volts at 60 Hz.

Though while it is the same rating as the U.S.A. visitors from the states are advised to bring socket adaptors. While many vacation rentals and modern hotels do use the three prong socket arrangement. There are older places and parts of the isla where the older two flat prong arrangement is still used.

As such if you wish to ensure that your phone, touchpad or notebook PC remains powered up, bringing socket adaptors is highly recommended. And please be vigilant in regard to keeping your electrical devices safe and secure while you are here, much as you would at home.

Cell Phones And Calls From Mobile Devices While On Isla Mujeres

While your mobile device will likely work with the Mexican cell system, you will need to enable international roaming with your cell provider prior to arriving in Mexico.

Do note that every carrier and mobile service has different fees and tariffs for this. And those fees are likely to be far higher than at home. So do think carefully as to whether you will need an active cell service during your vacation.

Or whether you wish to just enjoy a time of peace and occasionally log into the internet world via a WiFi connection in one of the many places where that is possible.

We have some of the best vacation rentals on Isla Mujeres. Along with the ability to organize all the other extras like golf cart rentals, snorkeling equipment scuba gear and anything you may want to make Isla Mujeres the perfect place for your dream vacation. We make Isla Mujeres vacations turn into a vacation of a lifetime.

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